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Travellin' Dawgs!

We are so delighted to show you that, whilst UK adoptions have been temporarily halted with Eurostar regulations, Brexit paperwork and COVID lockdown, our dogs are still finding new homes in other parts of Europe, through our tireless German partners and their compassionate network.

On Thursday this week, seventeen dogs and pups left Romania through the hard work of Margarethe's German team. SEVENTEEN! Wow, this gives us such a good feeling. Our teams work so hard to make sure these dogs are well fed and well housed, with any vet care they need, but nothing beats a warm home and individual attention.

ANNIE is the first pic. Her story is remarkable. Annie was pregnant and on the vet's table at a local public shelter to be euthanised. Somehow she just jumped off when she saw her chance, ran through an open door and escaped! Next are the five G Pups - GARY, GIZMO, GWENDY, GELLY and GRISU left Coca's shelter in Calarasi. They came when a man asked help with them. KAITA came from the street in Navodari, she was found with her brother. Sadly he died from parvo but Kaita made it through. PETER was found by our friend in Navodari, Coca N. He is such a fun wee man and we are so glad someone chose him. RUDI is everyone's favourite and we are so so happy to see him go to a home at last. He came from the public shelter in 2017. TALIA and TEENY were found as pups by the guy who delivers our dog food. Not so Teeny now! TRIXY is the last of the pups who were found by Ion when he went fishing. Isn't she gorgeous! Home now at last Trixy. Last, but not least, RUBY, ANGEL, PEARL, ALFRED and ROSIE are five little pups from a little mum and dad at our neighbour's in the village. Cute as they are, they didn't need to be born as we weren't allowed to spay the mum last year. She is spayed now though!

Have the best lives dogs and pups. We love you all so much.

About Barking Mad Dog Rescue

We are a charity that rescues and rehomes unwanted and abandoned dogs in Romania. Each day we feed over 800 dogs, and we rehome several hundred dogs per year. This work is only possible with the help of our wonderful supporters. To donate, please go here. We are so grateful for all of your support.

How to adopt from BMDR

Please see our adoption information page. Our available dogs can be found here.

Keep in touch!

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