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Travellin' Dawgs!

Little COFFEE was found on the street by our friend Coca. It is quite incomprehensible to us when someone thinks a little dog like this, who is smaller than cat, can survive alone when abandoned. Thank goodness she was found.

FIONA was another who by chance was saved. Fiona was posted on a Romanian SOS site by a kindly woman who had befriended her on the street and was feeding her but had nowhere to take her. Fiona was newly abandoned and is such a friendly girl that she had no chance to escape the dog catchers. The dog catchers got her and took her to a notorious public shelter. One of our team had spotted the plea for help and she was extricated and brought to us to take care of.

FLOCKI is a super friendly boy who came, more than a year ago, from the public shelter that we are involved with. Sadly he had to lose an eye due to infection. That didn't deter his new family and now Flocki is at last going home.

Have the best lives pups, we love you! Thank you as ever to the German team who made this possible. ❤️

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