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Welcome Minnie

We have dogs coming in daily. Please, if you can help us with a donation to tackle the vet bills which grow and grow. We feel we are stretched in so many directions.

Welcome to our family, Minnie

From rescuer Claudia in Dorohoi:

"Today we were to Suceava with Candy. In the morning we noticed that her leg was a little swollen so we wanted to make sure everything’s OK. The vet said it’s nothing serious just a collection of some liquid. Some anti-inflammatory and it’ll be OK.

But there’s another reason for our unplanned visit to Suceava. While driving Cosmin noticed something on the side of the road in plain field in the middle of nowhere! So we looked for a place to turn around and went back there! There was a little dog just skin and bones! I was worried of how we’ll be able to catch it there but surprisingly she just came to Cosmin when he called her, like saying “you came at last”! Poor baby peed on herself when he lifted her! She’s a little girl so skinny that you can see her ribs! She’s young 8-9 months!"

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