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Sponsor Iancu
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About Iancu

Iancu came to us in 2017. He was in the village and had bitten his owner's arm quite badly. He was due to be killed. We heard though that Iancu had had a horrible life. He had been chained since he was a small pup and had lived outdoors in all weathers. No one had had a kind word for him. He had been beaten. Food was meagre too.

Luckily for Iancu, the Mayor of our village alerted us to Iancu's plight and we stepped in to offer him a safe place  - off his chain - for the rest of his life. Iancu is better already and is now greeting Ion and Romeo with a wagging tail when they come into his pen at the shelter. Sadly though, we could never risk allowing Iancu to be offered for adoption knowing his history. 

There are several dogs like Iancu in our shelter and many, many thousands across Romania, still chained, still beaten. 

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